Southern California Edison Residential Electricity Supply Reviews

I was living in an apartment where the energy was so high and I was paying utilities for $ 200-300 dls we are a family 2 adults and 2 kids, I moved because a cant pay to much for utilities, I get almost $600 to own a Edison, so I called the company and I ask for an extencion the supervisor give me 6 months to pay making $50 dls every month I pay every payment that she said but two of them I did one 4 days late and the other one 2 days late I...
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It is roughly 5:50am on September 29, 2016.We had a scheduled outage at 10pm Wednesday the 27th of September till 5am Thursday September 29th I have a crying, sick, fussy baby who needs warm milk and her ventilator on yet Edison has yet to turn on her power. It is frustrating when there is a time set so bring a mom and scheduling my child's time around this outage was key I expected the power to turn on at 5am. M child needs warm milk and her...
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I liked
  • One customer service woman
I didn't like
  • See letter for other negative comments
  • No answers to certain questions
  • Power outage unawareness of timing